Grants and Charity Policy
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Grants and Charity Policy

Our Company’s Grants and Charity Policy is determined as “Grants and charity assistance are to be provided to GSD Education Foundation and other foundations and charitable associations granted tax exemptions by the Council of Ministers, and wreaths to be sent on various occasions are to be included in the grant procedure."  The upper limit for grants and charities which can be made by the Company in a financial year is TL 120,000.00.

 Grants, Charities and Social Responsibility Expenses of GSD Group

31.12.2017 (TL) GSD Bank GSD Marine GSD Factoring GSD Holding GSD Group
Turkish Education Foundation 400.00 350.00 450.00 1,300.00 2,500.00 
GSD Education Foundation - - - 424.80 424.80 
Total 400.00 350.00 450.00 1,724.80 2,924.80

All of the grants, charities and social responsibility expenses of GSD Group in 2017 are provided in Turkey.