Human Resources Process
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Human Resources Process

Recruitment and Orientation

The main purpose of our recruitment system is to provide our company with the people who are educated, equipped, well trained, open to innovations and change, having the potential to develop themselves and their business, who will contribute to teamwork by adopting corporate values.  We adhere to the principle of giving equal opportunity to all candidates with the required competencies.

We announce the vacant positions on various career websites and we conduct a competency-based interview process with the appropriate candidates.

The recruitment decision is taken by the business unit manager following the reference control of the positively evaluated candidates.

All of the new employees go through the corporate orientation program including the on-the-job trainings in order to have an understanding of our general functioning and corporate culture.

Talent Management

GSD Holding invests in the future management pool of the company by evaluating qualified, promising prospective new graduates by acting on the principle of raising our own staff and carrying them to the management levels.

In addition to this GSD Group employees' professional development and personal competencies are closely monitored and action plans are developed to support the career development of individuals.

Training and Development

We support both professional and personal development of our employees. The training needs of the employees at all levels are determined by the Human Resources Department and the training plans are prepared on annual basis. In addition to the proactive training planning, our company has a positive approach to employees' individual training demands.

Renumeration and Social Rights

The gross wage policy is applied in our company and the payments are made on the last business day of each month. Salary increases are determined by considering the inflation and performance results in April every year.

All personnel are provided with side benefits such as private health insurance, life insurance, dining hall service and staff shuttle. Security personnel and support personnel are provided with clothing assistance twice a year in order to support their corporate representation.

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